Sydney’s best value exhibition and wholesale framing – Contact Camden Picture Framing for a quote now. We can pick up and deliver for free to the Sydney Metro Area. 02 4655 8478


What is Exhibition and Wholesale framing?

Frame a number of works at the same time and receive substantial savings . These discounts apply to all products we offer including custom framing, custom mirrors and artwork. Savings increase depending on the number of works you have to frame. Need a price now – call us on 02 4655 8478.


I am a long way from Camden – is there a way I can easily access your services?

Yes – Please call us on 02 4655 8478. We aim to make distance a non issue giving you the same level of service and attention as if you were next door. We can design works at your place and offer a free collection and delivery service.


I need framing regularly but often only 1 or 2 pieces at a time – can I still wholesale prices?

Yes – If you or your business regularly needs framing (such as a professional photographer) but you only frame a couple of pieces at one time, you may still qualify. Please call Rob on 02 4655 8478 to discuss further. We can also supply corner samples and complete finished samples for you to display in your showroom, store or studio.


Who else uses Exhibition and Wholesale Framing?

Photographers, Galleries, Artists, Interior designers and Clubs tend to be our most frequent clients however any person or business that needs regular framing could benefit. Whether you need regular framing or are looking to place a large one off order call us now to find out how you could save.


Does wholesale framing mean that the quality of work or materials will be compromised?

No – depending on your needs and budget we can provide anything from production materials to genuine museum quality pieces. With over 20 years of experience, you and your works will be in good hands. We work with you to source the correct materials and ensure you are getting the best for your budget.


Does Exhibition or Wholesale framing take longer to frame?

No – we have machinery capable of high production in a short time frame. We use a Swiss made computerised matt cutter capable of cutting hundreds of matts an hour and with precision to within a 100th of a millimetre. Our professional double mitre saw has blades fixed at 45 degrees for precision cuts and again is capable of cutting all frames quickly and accurately. If you need framing fast call us now on 02 4655 8478 or after hours on 0404 282 099 if you need something now!


Have any further questions? Need a price? Call us now on 02 4655 8478 or call or SMS after hours on 0404 282 099.