How much does custom framing cost?

The cost of framing will be dependant on a large number of factors including size and frame selection. Different types of artwork will also require different materials to ensure they will last and be secure. We offer a no obligation free design consultation, where we can go through all elements together and at that time you will be given a fixed price for your project. We offer one of the regions largest selection of materials and are happy to work with you to find a solution that meets your needs and budget. Visit our store today with your artwork to see how easy the process is.

How long does custom framing take?

Our normal turnaround time is based on the amount of work we have at any particular time but is generally between 10-14days however we can complete works within 24hours where required.

I’ve never framed before and I’m not sure where to start or what to expect?

The process normally starts with the design of your framing in store where we can provide a fixed quote. We provide unbiased opinions on framing design options with respect to the style, colour, scale and detail of your piece as well as where you intend to hang the piece if known. At this point we also provide information about the various materials and techniques available to ensure your piece lasts a lifetime. There is no obligation, time limit or cost associated with the design process or providing a quote so never feel reluctant to visit us with any project you have in mind.