We will take you through the process step by step.

Together we create a great design to highlight the various aspects of your work including the colours, subject matter, the style of the work and consider where it is likely to be placed in your home, guaranteeing you a result you will be certain to love.

In the design process we will also discuss mounting options, conservation elements and glazing options, all the time providing you with unbiased advice so you can make an informed decision about the materials used.

We will then provide you with a no obligation fixed price for to decide if you want to proceed and if so all framing is completed onsite and generally completed within a 7 days however faster turnaround times are available at no extra cost.

The cost of framing varies depending on the size of the work being framed and the materials chosen. In store we are able to go through these options and provide you with a no obligation fixed price. Rest assured though that we have wide selection able to cater for all budgets and for your first item framed at Camden Picture Framing you can get a genuine $50 off just for signing up to our newsletter.

Yes, our $50 Off Vouchers are genuine. The reason we can offer $50 off your first visit is because we are so confident that you will love what we can do that you will visit us again and again for many years to come.

In my 20 years of experience I have framed artworks from Archibald winning artists, bottles of wine, wedding dresses, urns, garden tools, insects, bouquets and even fossilised dino poo. If you have anything at all that you want to display on a wall and conserve call or visit our store for advice.

Yes, all our framing is done on site using industry leading equipment, materials and methods. With over 20 years of experience I have not only demonstrated my skills and expertise but have taught framing professionally in an effort to lift the standards and practices of the industry.

Yes we are able to do all mirrors, any size – any frame. Whether you are after framed or unframed mirrors, bevelled edge or polished edge even silver or coloured mirrors. We will also visit your home to do a check measure at no cost to ensure the perfect fit. Don’t compromise on size or style by choosing a ready made mirror. Call or visit our store today to find out more and get a no obligation fixed price.

Most orders are completed within 7 days however if you need an item today we can do that at no extra cost. Call or visit our store now – even after hours on 0404 282 099

During business hours no appointment is necessary. Outside of business you can call 0404 282 099 for an appointment and we can often meet you in as little as 10 minutes so don’t hesitate to call at anytime or day of the week.